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There is no understanding without love

· On the second day in Madrid Benedict XVI invites youth to search for the truth ·

There is no understanding without love. At the beginning of the second day of the visit to Madrid, the Pope addressed those who have a mission of “vital importance” in forming young people, asking them to show, “consistency in life and thought,” in the search for the truth. Speaking to University professors during a gathering on Friday morning, August 19th, in the Basilica of San Lorenzo of Escorial, Benedict XVI recalled that teaching is not “just about communicating content,” or “technical know-how or cold, and purely functional data” which bows to the utilitarian logic of the marketplace and sees man as a mere consumer. “The path to the fullness of truth, calls for complete commitment.” So it must not only be communicated but above all lived and incarnated, just as “the Word took flesh and dwelt among us.”

To young people from five continents – who welcomed him Thursday night during a festive encounter in the Plaza de Cibeles – the Pontiff asked that they, “never lose their yearning for the truth.” Youth, assured the Pope, “is a privileged time for seeking and encountering truth”: a journey which requires humility and an exemplary life, because, “we cannot come to know something unless we are not moved by love, or, for that matter, love something which does not strike us as reasonable.”

The invitation to be “protagonists in the search for the truth and for the good,” was already issued by the Pope to young people during his welcoming address in the heart of the capital. “We have been created free, in the image of God, precisely so that we might be in the forefront of the search for truth and goodness, responsible for our actions, not mere blind executives, but creative co-workers in the task of cultivating and beautifying the work of creation.” This, added the Pope, is “the reason for our great joy,” and “the firm ground upon which to build the civilization of love and life.”

This is the horizon which the Pope pointed to also in his address to young religious women during Friday morning’s meeting at the Escorial. Faced with a society which is experiencing a “certain ‘eclipse of God’,” and “a kind of amnesia which, albeit not  an outright refusal of Christianity, is nonetheless a denial of the treasure of our faith” said the Pontiff, there is a need for the Gospel radicalism of the consecrated life. “Every charism, is an evangelical word which the Holy Spirit recalls to the Church’s memory,” said the Pope and the choice of a consecrated life, “means going to the very root of the love of Jesus Christ with an undivided heart, putting nothing ahead of this love.”




St. Peter’s Square

July 16, 2019