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The women of Haiti

Next to the campesinos and children, the main victims of marginalization in Haiti are women, who, with their work, support most single-parent families. According to information sent to Fides, by the General Curia of the Jesuits, the earthquake of two years age affected them in a particular way: hundreds of thousands of women  (street vendors, domestic staff and female workers) suddenly found themselves without means of support. In order to help them, in October 2011, the Jesuit Refugee Service (Jrs)  embarked on a project of economic self -sufficiency and socio-cultural promotion aimed at improving the living conditions of 2,040 displaced women in Port-au-Prince. More than a year into the project, in four camps in the capital, 108 female heads of family have been trained in the management of small businesses and have organized themselves into a group of economic cooperation, each receiving a small loan from Jrs.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 20, 2019