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The violinist’s mother

There were many heroes from the Costa Concordia tragedy last January who sacrificed their lives.  Among them was also Sándor Fehér, a Hungarian violinist, who died helping children that were trapped.  Márta Vertse from the Vatican Radio recently interviewed Sándor’s mother, Tereza.  “We must be very clear”, said Verste, “Sándor did not return for his violin.  Recently, this false story was once again reported on Italian television.  Sándor did not return for his beloved violin and he did not escape from the sinking ship.  He desired to save something much more precious:  human lives”.  His mother Tereza added, “All of the survivors confirmed that the violin was still in the room where the orchestra had played.  When everyone ran for the assigned exits to save themselves, Sándor stayed to help the children who were alone and confused.  Just a few days ago a Russian passenger posted a video on Facebook.  It showed the last images of Sándor at 4.00 in the morning.  You can see him perfectly with his yellow life-vest on directing people.  He didn’t leave, he stayed on the ship up until the last seconds, helping others.”  His mother also remembers how Sándor always had a bible with him, “I live this tragedy knowing that God brought Sándor to Him because He needs him there”, she concluded.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 27, 2020