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The truth has us

· Papal Mass for the summer seminar of the Ratzinger Schülerkreis ·

The prophetic vision of ecumenism is what stuck in the minds of former students of  Benedict XVI,  gathered in the so-called Ratzinger Schülerkreis , who on Monday, 3 September, concluded the traditional summer seminar at Castel Gandolfo’s Mariapola centre. Bishop Barthélemy Adoukonou, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture, explained this to our newspaper,  making an initial assessment of those days of study and reflection of which he was a part.

The prelate recalls that during the Homily, spoken off the cuff, Benedict XVI  went directly to the point of that meeting’s discussion and gave a kind of grave warning. The words of the Pope were clear, the bishop tells us, when he said that we no longer have the courage to believe or to speak the truth. To claim to possess the truth today means to be intolerant.

In fact, says the prelate, the Pontiff stressed that no one can say that he possesses the truth, because it is a gift from God. We do not have it, it has us.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 20, 2020