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The true religion is to live listening to God

· Benedict XVI at the Angelus in Castel Gandolfo ·

Recalling Cardinal Martini in a Papal Message read at the funeral at the Cathedral in Milan

True religion is “to live listening to God in order to do his will”. A way of life, which the Pope spoke about at the Angelus on Sunday, 2 September, and which Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini embodied as “generous Pastor and faithful of the Church”, teaching believers and non-believers that “the only Word worth listening to, accepting and obeying is God’s, because it points out to everyone the path of truth and love”. Uniting with the Milanese communtiy, the religious family of Jesuits and all those who “esteemed and loved” him, Benedict XVI recalled once again the Archbishop emeritus of Milan, who died on 31 August. The Holy Father wrote a Message read by Cardinal Angelo Comastri, who participated as his representative at the funeral on Monday afternoon, 3 September, at the Cathedral in Milan at which Cardinal Angelo Scola presided. A “man of God who not only studied Sacred Scripture but loved it intensely. He made it the light of his life” the Pope wrote in his Message. At the Angelus the day before the Holy Father asked the Virgin to help Christians “ to listen with an open and sincere heart to the word of God so that every day  it may guide our thoughts, our decisions and our actions”.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 9, 2019