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The Synod is changing

· Looking towards the Extraordinary Assembly dedicated to the family ·

The Synod of Bishops is in a process of transformation: changes in structure and  in methodology with the intention of furthering the institution as “a real and effective instrument of communion through which the collegiality, called for by the Second Vatican Council, is expressed and realized”. The Secretary General Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri described the preparatory document for the next extraordinary assembly which will be dedicated to the family, at a press conference this morning, on Tuesday, 5 November, in the Holy See Press Office.

Archbishop Balidisseri explained the various new elements which  are a response to the Pope's desire to “enhance the work of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops”, so that “it may adequately fulfilits mission to  promote episcopal collegiality, cum Petro e sub Petro , in the governance of the Church”. During the press conference various themes which will be discussed at the Assembly were presented. Among other things, the questionnaire which was sent to the bishops and other organizations involved in the preparation of the meeting, was illustrated. Archbishop Bruno Forte, Special Secretary, explained how this preparation does not detract from the Holy Father's final discernment. And Cardinal Péter Erdő, Relator General, presented the preparatory document from the canonical and pastoral point of view.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 22, 2020