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The son of the other woman

· The film ·

A wall, two children, two families and two births at the same time in the same hospital. What happens when years later (eighteen to be exact) it is discovered that a human error was responsible for a family from the east side of the wall receiving a child from the family of the west side, and vice versa? This is the plot of the wonderful film The child of the other (2012) by the French director of Jewish origin Lorraine Levy. Joseph Silberg, a Jew from Tel Aviv, and Yacine Al Bezaaz, a Palestinian from the West Bank: the tragedy that tears Israel and the Palestinian Territories apart is shown through the painful and forced meeting of two families who would never have wanted to meet, but who, despite everything, manage to enrich themselves and grow happier from a meeting which initially seemed only tragic. The credit is due to the two mothers of Joseph and Yacine. Two very different women who however have the love, the strength and the courage to seize the opportunity of the paradoxical situation in which they find themselves. Because in their hearts, in their families and in their land there is also room for the son of the other woman. (@ GiuliGaleotti)




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019