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The poor first of all

· Another appeal to the United States Congress by the Episcopate ·

The United States' Catholic Episcopate is again expressing the necessity to safeguard the poorest population groups and humanitarian aid on an international level, in the context of the political debate on financial politics.  It is a letter-plea that was sent to the Congress in Washington ­ signed by the presidents of the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development and of the Office of International Justice and Peace, respectively, Bishop Stephen Edward Blaire of Stockton and Bishop Richard Edmund Pates of Des Moines —

aiming particularly to guarantee that financial aid remain for the support of families and charitable activities.

A series of cuts to public spending and a 600 billion dollar increase to taxes could launch the new year in the country, due to the lack of a political agreement, with a likely cut of funds at the expense of social programs, for example, The Child Tax Credit, The Emergency Unemployment Compensation and a whole list of foreign-aid humanitarian activities.

The fiscal system, the letter recalls, is an important tool in the Government's hand. At the same time it is to assure adequate economic revenues and decent conditions of life for the population.  Millions of families in the United States and in the world “count on the help furnished by the many programs in order to reach a basic economic security”.  Billions of dollars, they observe, have already been cut in the balancing of the Federal Budget in the past two years and there is a risk of other cuts now and in the future.  Therefore they reiterate the necessity of a “circle of protection” around the programs which uphold society.




St. Peter’s Square

June 17, 2019