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The Place of the faith

· Benedict XVI during his weekly meeting with the faithful ponders the meaning of communion in the Church ·

Prayer and Solidarity for hurricane victims in the United States

The Pope expressed his prayer and solidarity for those suffering the devastation caused by the hurricane which recently struck the East Coast of the United States of America. He approached the subject at this morning's General Audience, 31 October, in St. Peter's Square.

Before turning his thoughts to the American people, Benedict XVI reflected on the meaning of personal faith, underscoring that only in the Church can we find its origin, its foundation, its nourishment. The Church, he repeated, is the place of the faith, “in spite of their weaknesses and their limits, Christians who allow themselves to be guided and formed by the faith of the Church become like an open window that receives divine light and transmits it to the world”.

“The widespread tendency today to relegate the faith to the private sphere – concluded the Pontiff – contradicts its very nature. We need the Church in order to confirm our faith”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 23, 2020