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The place catechism deserves

· Cardinal Vingt-Trois' message on Youth Day in the Archdiocese of Paris ·

“It would be an illusion to believe that the society in which we live is a neutral society. It transmits values, life concepts, moral choices that progressively impose on those who do not have the ability to react”. This is why “there is a need to carefully support children, since they quickly discover that Christian life to the sequela of Christ is different than what everyone thinks”. At one time, the majority of children went to catechism classes, but today “when many go, they experience that there are few others”. This means that people make the decision to attend catechism class “with care”, and that this choice can be confirmed over time.

These are some of the reflections that Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris, made in a letter entitled “ La transmission aux enfants de la Bonne Nouvelle ” which he wrote in preparation for Youth Day which will be held Sunday, 15 September in Paris. He said, every Christian community is responsible for future generations, therefore “we must all take our share of responsibility for each according to his means, forming ourselves to be catechists, devoting time to our children, and encouraging those we know to do the first step”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 22, 2020