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The nine ways of prayer

· At the General Audience the Pope speaks about the spiritual style of St Dominic Guzmán ·

Bowing as a sign of  humility; lying prostrate on the ground to ask forgiveness for his sins; on his knees in penance, participating in the suffering of Jesus; with open arms gazing at the Crucifix in contemplation; with his gaze to the sky feeling the draw of God; in the intimacy of personal meditation; seated, quietly listening. These are the nine ways of pray of St Dominic  Guzmán which Benedict XVI spoke about to faithful this morning, Wednesday, 8 August, at Castel Gandolfo during their usual appointment at the General Audience. Of the founder of the order of preachers, the Dominicans, the Pontiff has already spoken about in previous catechises, underlining his fundamental contribution to the renewal of the Church in his time. This morning he want to present him as “a man of prayer” and “an example of the harmonious integration between contemplation of the divine mysteries and apostolic activity”, such that “in every moment prayer”, he said, “was the power that renewed his apostolic work and made it ever more fruitful”.

Looking at him, the man of today can rediscover “that at the origin of witness of faith that every Christian must give in the family, at work, in social commitments and even in moments of rest, stands prayer” because “only a steady relationship with God gives us the strength to live with intensity every event, especially that of suffering”. And integral to  prayer, Benedict XVI recalled, “are our outward manners that accompany “dialogue with God”. The Pope then wanted to recall again the “necessity for our spiritual life of finding time everyday to pray quietly; we must take this time for ourselves especially during the holidays – a little time to talk with God”. It will be a also be a way “to help those who are close to us,” the Pope added, “ to enter into the ray of light of God's presence, which brings peace and love of which we all have need”.  Ending the meditation on St Dominic, the Pope, as usual, greeted the various groups of faithful gathered from different countries.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 14, 2019