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The new slaves

“In the 1980’s alone more women and children were subject to slavery by Asian traffickers than all the African slaves in the 400 year history of the African slave trade”, recalls Sister Maggi Kennedy from the Missionary Sisters of Notre-Dame in Africa in her report on “The Trafficking of Human Beings: A Silent Epidemic of the 21st Century” and shown in the photography exhibit, “Let’s Break the Chains, Anti-Slavery Exhibit” (shown in Rome on 8 November). It commemorates the anti-slavery campaign launched in 1888 by Cardinal Charles Martial Allemand Lavigerie, founder of the Missionaries of Africa. Not only are people sexually exploited, but humans are being sold for even more sinister purposes. In fact, “in Africa removing body parts is a common practice” said Sister Maggi, “especially for acts of witchcraft. Young girls are raped as a “cure” for HIV/AIDS are they are forced to become pregnant and then the baby is sold to the highest bidder. There are also child soldiers who are traumatized and scarred for life. And this list is certainly not exhaustive.”




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 16, 2020