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The mystery of the love of God in music

· The Pope to participants in the Congress of the International Federation of ‘Pueri Cantores’ ·

Fine music can express “something of the mystery of his [God’s] love for us and ours for him”, the Pope said to the children and youth from 18 countries who are members of the “Pueri Cantores” International Federation that exists in 35 countries. He spoke to them on Thursday morning, 30 December in the Vatican's Paul VI Audience Hall. Their director, Mons. Robert Tyrała, explained that they aim to contemplate the mystery of God hidden in the Eucharist and to use sacred music as a means for the evangelization of the contemporary world. They came to Rome for their international meeting on the theme, “Deus Caritas Est”. The following is the text of the Pope’s Address.

Dear Young Members of the Pueri Cantores Federation,Dear Friends,

I am pleased to welcome you today as you celebrate your 36th International Congress here in Rome, and I thank you for your commitment to the apostolate of liturgical singing. In St Augustine’s words: “singing is an expression of joy and … love” ( Sermo 34:1).

As you tell out God’s praises, you give voice to the natural desire of every human being to glorify him with songs of love. It is hard to find words to convey the joy of the soul’s loving encounter with God, yet fine music is able to express something of the mystery of his love for us and ours for him, as we are reminded by the theme chosen for your Congress: Deus Caritas Est .

Always remember that your singing is a service. It is a service to God, offering him the praise that is due. It is a service to other worshippers, helping them raise their hearts and minds in prayer. And it is a service to the whole Church, a foretaste of the heavenly liturgy in which the choirs of angels and saints unite in one unending song of love and praise.

I greet especially the groups present today from the United States, Sweden, Ireland, Latvia and South Korea. I encourage you to persevere in your good work, I assure you of my prayers, and I gladly impart to you and to all the members of the Pueri Cantores Federation my Apostolic Blessing.

The Pope then greeted the “Pueri Cantores” in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Ukrainian.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 24, 2020