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The mission of women

· At the General Audience the Pope recalls the first witnesses of the Resurrection ·

The Risen Jesus is alive and present beside people today. It is up to women, especially mothers, to witness to him to their children. It is the mission of young people to show him with their own lives. This morning, Wednesday, 3 April, Pope Francis reasserted this, taking up the thoughts on the Year of Faith which he had presented at the General Audience in St Peter's Square. It was women, the Holy Father said, who were the first witnesses of the Resurrection, the first to believe with conviction.

Hence the value of the role that women play in the life of the Church, today fundamental in the witness to give to the world in order to nourish the hope that humanity needs. And “the death and Resurrection of Jesus”, the Pope recalled, “are at the very heart of our hope”.

The Pope did not omit to emphasize the attitude of all those who, although they are believers, have let themselves be assailed by doubts about the mystery of the Resurrection. This is the consequence, he noted,of the “rosewater faith” that is due to “superficiality, and sometimes to indifference”, busy as we are “with thousands of things considered more important”. However this is not true faith, the “strong faith” born from the certainty of the Resurrection of Christ, “who is our strength”: the faith to pass on to others, to share with others, precisely through our witness of life.

And this is what he requested of the many young people at the General Audience: “to you I say: carry this certainty ahead. The Lord is alive and walks through life beside us. This is your mission. Carry this hope ahead!”. For only in this way, he concluded, “will hope be given to this world that has aged somewhat”, because of wars, evil and sin. “Press on, young people!”, was his final exhortation.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 18, 2020