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The mission of nuncios not become routine

· Cardinal Bertone to the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy ·

“Like any other form of priestly ministry” that excercised by Holy See diplomats can become a “sort of habit, a superficial compliance with the everyday routine, an adjustment to empty formalities” which, with time, can end by “making them less attentive to the supernatural dimension of daily work”. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State was alerting the future papal representatives to the “risks” of their “special” mission. The occasion was his meeting with the students at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, where he went on Thursday afternoon, 17 January, to celebrate the Vespers of St Anthony Abbot, Pastron of the school for diplomats in Rome's Piazza della Minerva.

“This annual gathering”, the Cardinal said, greeting the President, Archbishop Beniamino Stella and all those present including several former students, “brings us to remember with gratitude also all those who cannot be present but are spiritually nited with us, especially the nuncios and their collaborators: let uys assure them of our remembrance in the Lord”. Extending his remembrance to those who died in the past year, with a special thought for Archbishop ambrose Madtha, the late Nuncio in the Ivory Coast who died in a tragic car accident. Reflecting on the role of Vatican diplomacy, Cardinal Bertone framed its content in the context of the Year of Faith.




St. Peter’s Square

June 25, 2019