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The Iron Lady

· The film ·

Iron Lady (2011) by Phyllida Lloyd, is told from the stand-point of weakness: she is an old woman with memory problems, who above all refuses to accept the death of her husband, always in the background in her life, but nonetheless fundamental for her equilibrium, with whom she is determined to continue a daily dialogue.. The husband who was able to accept the brusque grocer's daughter, so ambitious and intelligent, practical and full of courage, who was able to overcome the misogynistic prejudices of her colleagues in politics without appealing to any feminist ideology, but only proving to be more capable than them. But fortunately, in the film, space is also given to the coquetry of Margaret Thatcher, to her passion for handbags and the pastel colours, to her very feminine rivalry with Queen Elizabeth. Making us aware that even a woman of iron has her own feminine way of managing the power. (@ LuceScaraffia)




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 20, 2019