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The image of the Holy See falsified

· After expressing his closeness to the peoples hit by the earthquake in Emilia at the General Audience the Pope describes as totally unwarranted the inferences of some of the media ·

And Benedict XVI renews his trust and encouragement to his closest co-workers

Sorrow at what has happened in the Vatican in these past few days, but also trust in the Holy Spirit's support of the Church and an encouragement to those who work most closely with him. This is what Benedict XVI conveyed to the faithful this morning, Wednesday, 30 May, at the General Audience in St Peter's Square.

The incidents of these days concerning the Curia and my co-workers have filled my heart with sorrow but have never obscured the firm certainty that in spite of human weakness, difficulties and trials, the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and the Lord will never let her be without his help to sustain her on her way. Yet rumours, exaggerated by some of the media and totally unwarranted, and that have gone far beyond the facts, paint a picture of the Holy See that does not correspond to reality. For this reason I would like to renew my trust and my encouragement to my closest collaborators and to all who help me fulfil my ministry every day faithfully and in a spirit of self-sacrifice and silence.

The Pontiff had just dedicated his Catechesis to prayer in the Letters of St Paul, emphasizing in particular the dynamic of dialogue between “the faithful 'yes' of God and the trusting 'amen' of believers”.

In recalling the suffering and affliction faced by the Apostle, Benedict XVI asked the faithful “not to let themselves be overcome by trials and tribulations” but “to live every situation united to Christ”. In prayer, he said, “we too can actually feel the consolation that comes from God”. And this, he added, “strengthens our faith because it enables us to have a tangible experience  of God's 'yes' to man. It is a 'yes' to which we reply with our own 'yes', with our 'amen' and in this way we are certain of God's 'yes'”.

Moreover, the Pope noted, “the whole of the history of salvation is a gradual revelation of this fidelity of God, in spite of our own infidelities and denials”.  It comes as confirmation that the Lord “never tires of being patient with us and with his immense mercy always leads the way” and “offers us the measure of his love which does not calculate and knows no bounds”. Prayer is therefore the encounter with a God “who renews his steadfast faithfulness to give us his comfort in the storms of life and to enable us to live a life full of joy and goodness, united to him”.

At the end of the Audience, the Pope's voiced his thoughts for the peoples of Emilia struck by the aftershocks of the earthquake. “I hope that with the help of all and the solidarity of the entire nation”, Benedict XVI said, assuring the victims of the earthquake of his prayer and affection, “normal life may be resumed as soon as possible in those regions that have been so harshly tired”.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 22, 2019