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The humanitarian situation in Syria is worsening day by day

· The International Red Cross cannot continue to face the needs of the people ·

With every passing day the humanitarian situation is worsening in Syria. The International Red Cross has launched an alarm: it is becoming difficult to deal with an emergency of such proportions. “Things are getting worse despite the increase in operations”, said the head of the  humanitarian organization, the Swiss lawyer Peter Maurer. “We cannot face a deterioration of this kind”. He added, “in Syria there is an unknown number of people who are not receiving the aid they need”. Planning “makes no sense; every day we try to plug the leaks that give way: we must see when there is the opportunity to do something because the fighting continuously moves, and we must make considerations that do not follow any standard”.

Maurer called the recent delivery of humanitarian aid to the city of Homs, one of the epicentres of the crisis, a “happening of maximum importance”. But this delivery aided only one city, while there are still cities like Aleppo “where we cannot enter” and others still like Idlib where it is possible to have access “but not much beyond”. Overall, concerning the needs still to be met, the President of the Red Cross said, “we do have not general data but only estimates and guesses”. In addition, “we know very little about the number of internally displaced persons and about where the people are able to face the situation is ever more difficult”, Maurer concluded.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 29, 2020