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The Gospel of gift and gratuitousness

· Benedict XVI's Audience with three Catholic lay associations ·

Gratuitousness is not found in the marketplace nor can it be prescribed by the law. However both the economy and politics are need of the gratuitousness of persons capable of mutual self-gift.

The Pope said this to representatives of the Ecclesial Movement of Cultural Engagement, the Federation of Christian Organizations of International Volunteer Service and the Christian Workers Movement, received in the Paul VI Hall this morning, Saturday, 19 May.

Culture, volunteer efforts and work, Benedict XVI added, make up an inseparable trio of the daily commitment of the Catholic laity “which intends to make belonging to Christ and to the Church” a force, both privately and in the public sphere of society. The faithful laity begin working when they meet those who are in need and “they work to promote human dignity”, especially in the workplace.

The gift of oneself is the common denominator of these three environments, in which the lay Christian must follow “the logic of Christ”: the basis of which is the “logic of gift”, so often mistreated. This logic of gift is advanced by those who offer their time, abilities, expertise, education, and professionalism.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 15, 2019