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The Gospel in the world

· The Message of the Synod of Bishops unanimously approved ·

They Synod is launching a concrete plan for the new evangelization. “The faith determines everything in the relationship that we build with the person of Jesus” and to witness the faith we must approach the life of today's men and women, without “invent(ing) new strategies” because the Gospel is not a “product to be placed in the market of religions”. In order properly to “orient the search” all Christian communities in the urgency of the mission, the Synod Fathers approved the pastoral message on Friday morning, 26 October, at the end of the Synod. It is a new document as Cardinal Betori, president of the commission for the draft, said, presenting it after approval in the Holy See Press Office. It is new because “it is not limited to global exhortations but it is directed at each continent, expressly and specifically named in alphabetical order”. If it is true, he explained, that especially in a globalized world reflection regards the whole, it is also true that globalization does not mean levelling. Thus every issue must be addressed taking into account every reality.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020