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The G20 document with not mention of Syria

· Moscow is ready to defend Damascus from an attack that is not authorized by the UN ·

Obama will speak to the nation before Congress reopens

The G20 summit in the Russian capital has confirmed the division in the international community on the Syrian crisis and, above all, on military intervention that US president Barack Obama appears intent on ordering. Many, beginning with Russia, consider this, in the absence of the authorization of the UN security council, as an act of aggression. Further confirmation of the division, the final document of the summit does not contain any reference to the Syrian crisis, though it certainly dominated discussion.

At the press conference before leaving St Petersburg, Obama announced that on Tuesday, the eve of the reopening of congress, he will address the Nation to explain his decisions, which still now are a matter of derision in Congress. As for the UN, it should not be, he said, reduced to barrier for inaction. He recalled the tragedy in Rwanda and how the US and the international community has been repeatedly accused of not having prevented the genocide of 1994.

The President however avoided answering questions on the possibility, which the Constitution grants him the right of doing, of proceeding without the consent of Congress in the military attack.

Washington remains strongly opposed to Russia, whose president Vladimir Putin, while describing the brief discussion he had with Obama at the end of the Summit as “friendly and constructive”, suggested for the first time that it might stand up in defence of the Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad, in the case of a foreign attack. According to the leader of the Kremlin, Countries that intervened militarily in Syria “would stand outside the law”, in so far as it would not a matter of self-defence and in any case would occur “without the resolution of the United Nations Security Council”.

The Russian President also called people to listen to the voice of the Pope, who, as we know, on the eve of the Summit, sent him a message in which he reiterated the need to follow the path of negotiation.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 20, 2019