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The difference which makes the Church grow

With the advent of the new year our insert also presents some changes: It will be released on the second day of every month, so you will be able to take out a subscription once a month, and still be certain to find it on sale at most news-stands.

We hope that in this way it will become a part of the life of our ever increasing number of male and female readers.

We speak of male readers as well as female readers, not only because in these pages - as you may have seen – male writers are represented, but also because we are also targeting readers of the male gender.

This is being done in order to inform about the variety and value of the female presence in Catholic community life in particular, but also within the general Christian community, both in the past and present, when faced with this point of view, they may become very much aware of their own identity.

The recognition and understanding of the role of women in fact presupposes a similar awareness of the diversity of men's work in the Church of how they live through their religious experience of how they transmit it and of their relationship with women.

This is because the relationship between men and women cannot be traced back just to the observation of different degrees of visibility and power but it should lead to us to ask ourselves about the need for a essential presence in the Catholic community as well as within its component parts.

The vitality of the Church can be reignited only by respecting the fundamental human differences willed by God, and working for its rebalance.

It is not only human procreation, but also the symbolic and the spiritual which require a provision of a different nature, an ever more vibrant and recognisable collaboration between men and women, using both male and female approaches  to address the problems and the reality that the Church must face.

In order for this miracle to happen, the Church must develop more and more deeply this interlacing collaboration between men and women which has been its charisma ever since its evangelical origins.

We are carrying out this modest work of information and  reflection, but above all we are aware that prayer, which we rely on, is indispensable, as is explained by our cover image, to inspire a commitment for the whole year.

Lucetta Scaraffia




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 27, 2020