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The Catholic Church in the face of the States

· Roland Minnerath's latest book ·

Two centuries of concordatory practices are the focus of a debate on Friday, 9 March at the Catholic Institute, Paris, for the book launch of Roland Minnerath's latest work, an expert in this topic. Today he is the Metropolitan Archbishop of Dijon, France, having taught at the University of Strasbourg and having served in Holy See diplomacy.

The book is entitled L'Église catholique face aux  États. Dieux siècles de pratique concordataire” , 1801-2010 (Paris, Les Éditions du Cerf, 2012, 650 pages € 55), and offers an important view of Church-State relations from Napoleon's concordat of 1801 to what is has been called the “concordatory explosion” of  these past 20 years, during which almost all the signatories of agreements with the Holy See (at least 25 out of 30), have committed themselves in this milieu for the first time.

In three parts, the book reviews all the concordats, presents the Church's juridical status in the law of the States and, lastly, analyses the community freedoms of the Church. “In defending the right to religious freedom of all men and women and of their communities the Church”, Archbishop Minnerath concludes, “is involved in the effective promotion of human rights, a language understood today, at least in theory, by the majority of his secular conversation partners” and in this manner contributes to promoting “the autonomy of the spiritual realm and of the conscience in the face of the powers of this world”.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 19, 2019