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The apostles of the digital age

· A conversation with Archbishop Celli on the eve of the presentation of the Message for World Communications Day ·

As the first disciples were sent to traverse the tortuous roads of world unknown, far from God, dominated by idolatry and by a malevolent reasoning, thus today new apostles are sent on the trails of the digital world. It is largely a world yet to be discovered, it knows about God – but often tends to disavow him – or at least it keeps him far from its horizons, withdrawn into itself as it is and with a marked tendency for “a technological Prometheism”. Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli cites the Pope's words to the Plenary Meeting of Cor Unum to explain – in an interview with our newspaper on the eve of the presentation of the Holy Father's Message for the World Day of Social Communications – Benedict XVI's resolute decision to enter the world of the Internet – perhaps too hastily labelled virtual – in order to render it more human and to seize the opportunities to transform it “into an agora of the Third Millennium where the Words of the Gospel will resonate”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 20, 2020