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The Ambassador of Belize's discourse to the Holy Father

Your Holiness,

I bring warm greetings from the people and Government of Belize and cordial greetings from our Governor General, Sir Colville Young and our Prime Minister, the Honourable Dean Oliver Barrow.

With great foresight his Holiness Pope Leo XIII created the Vicariate of Belize in 1893, which gave way to the start of cordial and friendly relations between Belize and the Holy See. Since then, Belize has benefited not only from the work and direction that the Catholic Church continues to provide to our country, but also through the diligent and exceptional work of the Jesuits, Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of the Pallotine Order.

From early on the Government of Belize saw the benefit of a Church — State system and to date the branches of the Catholic Church continue to play critical roles in educating and the strengthening the moral fabric of communities in Belize, principally the young population.

In the recent past, as a demonstration of the excellent relations that we have established over the years and which we continue to nurture, the people of Belize, and in particular the students and faculty of the Our Lady of Guadelupe High School in the capital city, Belmopan, were the beneficiaries of a new school building which has provided much needed space to increase the enrolment and provide the opportunity to many of our young people to continue their education at secondary school level. We look forward to other such collaborations in the future.

Your Holiness, my government has entrusted me with the responsibility to represent Belize as the ninth Ambassador of Belize to the Holy See, an honour that I accepted with great enthusiasm as I now eagerly seek to embark on my duties to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between our two states.

We in Belize are a people of faith who guide ourselves by the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter and International Law, and are respectful of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and right to self determination of all nations, non-intervention in internal affairs of other states, the peaceful settlement of controversies, respect for human rights and the protection and preservation of our environment. It is with this perspective and total dedication, Your Holiness that I now take this opportunity to present to you with humility and honour, the Letters of Credence accrediting me as Ambassador of Belize to the Holy See.

I thank the Holy See, and Your Holiness, for your willingness in granting the Agrément for my appointment as Ambassador.

I look forward to working with His Excellency, Archbishop Luigi Pessoto, to preserve, enhance and strengthen the cordial relationship that exists between our two states.

Thank you and may God continue to bless you.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 18, 2019