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The Africans that are not united

· The Day for the continent's cohesion ·

The day of African Unity, being celebrated today to commemorate the institution 49 years ago of the Organization of African Unity – which 10 years ago became the Organization of African Union – seems an occasion for regret rather than an opportunity to record success.  The Day sponsored then by the UN and today organized precisely by the African Union, arranges projects throughout the world to create awareness of  the principal emergencies of Africa, but it would be more fitting to say “of the Africas”, given that here, more than on other continents, there is a dearth of adequate common parameters.

“Africa must unite” was the slogan in the epoch of decolonization. It was launched by a famous speech given 50 years ago by Nikwame Nkrumah, the father of “pan-Africanism” and the first President of Ghana. That appeal has basically remained such since then, without managing to become a real political programme, even though in a journey of half a century several partial results have not been lacking. However, with regard to the expectations in that season these successes were too limited, especially in the light of a widespread conviction that continental integration is the only path on which to build peace and economic and social development.




St. Peter’s Square

July 18, 2019