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Technology used as tools

· ​The Pope invites to use online resources in a free and critical way ·

It is not enough that young people learn to use new technologies, they must learn to use them “as tools, thus enabling them to bring out the best of these means in a free and critical way”. This was emphasized by Pope Francis to the Executive Board of Vodafone Foundation whom he received on Wednesday morning, 5 October, before the General Audience. The Foundation presented to the Pope an initiative for young Africans entitled “Instant Schools for Africa”.

“This project” -- said the Pontiff -- “is part of the wider spectrum of public and private initiatives that promote a more inclusive and supportive world, providing opportunities for development to individuals and social groups at risk of being excluded” .
The Pope also expressed the wish “that, among the resources offered to youth, there may be digital access to sacred texts of various religions, in respective languages. This would be a beautiful sign of care for the religious dimension so deeply rooted among African peoples, and a sign also of encouraging interreligious dialogue”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 18, 2020