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Teacher’s Pet

· Film ·

The battle is fierce, and in the end she wins. The film Teacher's Pet (1958) sets forth two schools of thought. The one - embodied by reporter Jim Gannon (Clark Gable) - argues that in journalism it’sonly experience gained in the street that counts. The other - advocated by journalism instructor Erica Stone (Doris Day) - emphasizes the value of formal education as a tool for givinga news storya keener and more illuminating insight. It is not enough to explain the basics to the reader about why a certain event happens: it is formal education that allows you to give answers to the questions the man in the street, newspaper in hand, raises. And this is the lesson that Erica seeks to convey to her students. Her father, a great journalist, used to say, “Experience is the jockey, but education is the horse”. The opponent, the rough Jim, is a tough nut to crack. He hates graduates, schools, and “even the smell of classrooms”. But in the end he will be the one to ask his manager to give the newspaper a new line. News stories will be explained in light of an education that’s the result of a“dreaded” degree. For in the end, she won. (gabriele nicolò)




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