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​The Tamil widows

Tamil women are those who suffer most from the consequences of the civil war that raged in Sri Lanka for at least three decades: this is confirmed by the report published by the International Crisis Group. “Eight years after the end of the war the Tamil women living in the north and east of the island are still seeking truth and justice about the violence of the war”, the promises made by the Government and the UN were not kept: namely the creation of a Truth and Justice Commission, of a special court and of a body to investigate the disappearance of individuals. In addition to multiple cases of violence, which also take place in the refugee camps, the most dramatic consequence for women is widowhood, a difficult situation in a patriarchal society. “Almost 58,000 families in the north, that is, a quarter of the population, are headed by women”. As well as the psychological wounds left by the war, widows have to face financial difficulties and the social stigma of their situation. 




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 29, 2020