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Stories of violent men

Domestic violence: the men speak is a study edited by the Lebanese researcher Azza Charrara Baydoun that gathers the testimonyof eleven men who are violent against their wives and who were asked for the reason fortheir behaviour. The results are interesting: while in theory they all condemn physical and psychological violence against women, when they speak of their ownexperience they completely change their tone and content, justifying themselves by virtue of the suffering that their wives’behaviour caused them: if these wives had done their duty they would not have been beaten. The study shows that men are ignorant of the fact that women have changed. This means that women and men live in two different time zones: the former in the present benefiting from the changes that have taken place around them, while the latter seem stuck in “the good old days” in which the fact ofbeing male allowed them to control women.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 25, 2020