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Still bloodshed in Tahrir square

· Security forces intervene again at the manifestations in Cairo ·

Three claimed dead and nearly 60 injured, including a fifteen-year old in serious condition at the clashes at dawn in Tahrir square in Cairo, on the fifth consecutive day of protests.  Al Wafd, the Egyptian information site, stated that among those dead were two university students. The activists on Twitter reported new numbers from the field hospitals of the square: 15 dead, more than 600 injured and already 230 arrested over five days.

Yestery the deputy defense minister, Major General Emad Emara, who is part of  the supreme council of armed forces that today governs Egypt, denied using excessive force against those manifesting. “The soldiers defended themselves during the attacks on  Parliament”, an official said at a press conference, denouncing the discovery of the plan and sustaining that the country is going through a crucial moment and is in danger.

As evidence of the alleged conspiracy, Emara showed a video of some kids stopped who are claimed to have confessed they were paid 20 Egyptian pounds (3 Euro) and two meals a day to continue to provoke the army in government buildings.

In any case, Emara's statement did not seem to convince leading international figures, who have called for conduct of the armed forces to be more respectful of life and of the rights of those manifesting. After the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had spoken on this issue, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay, spoke of brutal repression, addingthat the images of demostrators, including women, being beaten and assaulted without having done anything, they are absolutely shocking.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 21, 2019