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​Sr Offale and the missionary children in Ethiopia

Having grabbed their exercise books in which were depicted the most salient scenes of the first Bible for children in the Oroma language, the first small missionaries set out from Kofale in the Arsi region of Ethiopia, ready to evangelize their peers in Gode, a village 15 kilometres away on dirt tracks. It was Fr Bernardo Coccia, a Capuchin missionary, and the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ sisters who helped the little apostles to take their first steps with the Gospel in their hands to give it to their peers in Gode, some of whom were still illiterate: “an opportunity to teach the little ones in Gode to read, through drawings to colour and cartoons, an experience in which the children of Kofale felt they were protagonists in proclaiming the word of the Lord”, explained Sr Offale, directly responsible for all the animation. “Our children have worked for more than a year to prepare themselves for being ‘sent out’ as missionaries. They worked with me and with Fr Bernardo for the success of the event. In this mainly Muslim region and especially in these poor villages where everything is really complicated, from education to nutrition and to daily survival, there is of course no lack of solidarity. And this event, thanks to which a group of small ‘apostles’ revealed the Lord’s presence and boundless faith in his love, involving other little ones, was the most exciting demonstration of it”.





St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 26, 2020