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Spoiled grain

The statement of Dr. Giuliana Icardi,of the University of Eastern Piedmont is clear: since it has no longer been Italian but has instead flown the flag of the Stars and Stripes, a well-known food company has begun using wheat with high levels of mycotoxins, namely (for non-experts) mouldy grain; due to the length of time left in storage, having been bought at the lowest price possible. In 2006 the European Union (EU) increased, with a sleight of hand, the accepted levels of mycotoxins present in durum wheat: many countries will be able to produce wheat in unsuitable climates, focusing only on the quantity produced. Which means, among other things, devastating the farmers of southern Italy, where wheat does not contain mycotoxins, and bankrupting those Mediterranean seed industries that do not use mouldy grain. Not only that, but since in order to export pasta to North America, grain must have a level of mycotoxins which is about half of that which the EU now accepts for imports of durum wheat from these same countries, Italian business owners and global monopolists purchase at the lowest price possible from farmers, who need money to pay off their debts, in order to speculate on it when all the grain is in their warehouses. They then export the best Italian grain abroad, making money on the price they paid. Then instead, they import mouldy and radioactive grain from abroad. Take care, therefore, what you buy. Only buying wheat cultivated  from organic farming is the serious choice.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020