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Sowing peace

· The Pontiff's audience at the Plenary of ROACO ·

Peace is a fruit which must cultivated by “many hands” even though “God alone gives the growth”. Pope Francis recalled this on Thursday, 26 June, underlining the role of the members of Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches (ROACO), those collaborating with God “make peace grow” through their charitable work.

During the audience, in the Clementine Hall, the Pope recalled the importance of his visit to the Holy Land one month ago, inviting them to pray that it may “bring forth abundant fruit”. The Lord, he recalled, “will make that fruit blossom and grow, if we but entrust ourselves to him in prayer and press forward, despite every difficulty, along the paths pointed out to us by the Gospel”. The Holy Father continued: “With unity and charity Christ’s disciples strive to be peacemakers everywhere, in all peoples and communities, and to overcome persistent forms of discrimination, starting with those based on religion”.

The integral text of the Pope's address




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 22, 2019