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The sister who teaches young Australian adults in flight from the Church

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At The Record, the monthly publication of the Archdiocese of Perth, Sr Margaret Scharf, a 42-year-old Dominican religious, described the meaning and aim of her new role as Adult Faith Formation Coordinator: to work out strategies to reclaim young adults who are leaving the Church. If the ultimate goal of the work undertaken by the Archdiocese is that of “bringing Christ back into the Church and the Church back into Christ”, a process that requires much time, the starting point, Sr Margaret maintains, is to identify the existing gaps: “One of the gaps which we have identified is: what is happening to the young adults…. It seems like they’re in the Catholic environment until they finish school, and sometimes lose touch with the Church. It’s only when they have their own children and desire that their children receive the Sacraments that they start to come back to the Church again”. However it is not entirely their fault, when interviewed by Amanda Murthy St Margaret explains that often there aren’t any associations or programmes that cater for this age group.

With an academic background in spirituality, Sr Margaret Scharf has ample experience in spiritual direction and supervision, leading retreats and presentations for parishes, Catholic school staff and religious communities. Among other things one of her goals is to provide serious training for Catholic educators: “I found there are very few programmes for Catholic educators…. It is so important that Catholic educators are equipped with the necessary knowledge so they can empower their students and staff to be better leaders and to encourage a society that prays and embodies the Church’s teachings”, she said.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 20, 2019