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Sister Malgorzata and women in the Church

Sister Małgorzata Chmielewska, questioned by the Krakow magazine "Tygodnik Powszechny"  about Pope Francis’s words regarding the role of women in the Church pronounced in the course of his interview given to «Civiltà cattolica», said that the a masculine Church can function as an institution, but not as a community: "God in fact created man and woman, and the world divided or lacking one of the two parts is incomplete. This does not mean roles are reversed: I do not see a difference in value – the religious woman, superior of the “Pane della Vita” Community said -  between the ministry of a bishop and assistance to disabled children. The first is a masculine task; the second is most often female. The problem consists in the fact that the voice of people who care for children (and this is just an example) is not heard in the life of the Church. It is not present in its teaching and in its daily life. It would seem that the experience of the faith of millions of women in the Church has a lesser significance. Perhaps this is why the language of preaching often appears diminished detached from everyday life, forged in academic institutions by men far away from reality. So when a Pope arrives from Argentina and washes the feet of a girl there is a type of shock. Why? A little provocatively, I would say that women, occupied as they are getting things done, do not have either the time or the desire to fight for more space. The Pope does not invite us to fight, but instead to build a model of relationships between brothers and sisters, non- corporate relations in this strange corporation where the managers are only men. The problem is not the ordination of women, my dream is not to become a bishop, I just want that the experience of my sisters who live the faith should be considered a treasure of the Church. Jesus was surrounded by women, he admired their faith and their commitment, he invited us to follow their example. I think, not without malice, that he chose the apostles from among men because he knew that if he had called women, the children would have been left without lunch, in the houses disorder would have reigned and men, instead of keeping busy, would have spent their time debating politics and religion. The Pope's words are an invitation to seek not only reconciliation between the sexes, but also their union in the service of Christ."




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020