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Sister Carmen and human rights in Peru

She refused to sign a manufactured official report on the tragic conflict which took place in 2010 in Bagua, in the forest north of Peru, where around thirty people died, and she continues today to work unabated to clarify the events and political responsibilities that gave rise to that massacre. It is also for this, that, on the occasion of the day of universal human rights, Sister María del Carmen Gómez Calleja has received the Peruvian National Award for Human Rights 2013, awarded annually by the National Commission of Human Rights of the South American country which is committed to the difficult task of defending fundamental rights. The Spanish missionary, who works in the vicariate of San Francisco in Bagua belongs in fact to the Congregation of St. Joseph that has for almost half a century accompanied the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon. Sister Carmen, in particular, has for six years devoted herself to the promotion of the rights of indigenous women of Awajun.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 20, 2020