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Servants of his legacy

· Pope Francis celebrates the Last Supper and washes the feet of twelve disabled persons ·

“We must be servants for one another”. The Pope reminded the faithful of this during Mass in cena Domini on Holy Thursday, 17 April, at the centre of Santa Maria della Privvidenza, run by the Don Gnocchi foundation, in Rome. During the celebration, attended by patients and their families, staff and volunteers, the Pontiff washed the feed of twelve disabled people: eight men and four women between the age of 16 and 86, nine Italians and three foreigners, one of whom is Muslim.

Pope Francis explained the meaning of the gesture in his brief and off-the-cuff homily. “It is a gesture,” he said, “of farewell. It is the legacy he left us. He is God and he made himself a servant, our servant. And this is the legacy: that you, too, must be servants of one another. And he chose this path out of love: thus, you, too, must love one another and become servants in love”.

“This”, he reiterated, “is the legacy Jesus leaves to us. He makes this gesture of washing feet as a symbol: only slaves did this sort of thing, the servants of the diners”. We too, therefore, “must be servants of one another”.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 14, 2019