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The search for lasting peace

· On his arrival in Jordan the Pope expresses his appreciation for the country's generous welcome and dialogue ·

Pope Francis began his visit in the Holy Land – in the footsteps of his predecessors – with an appeal for peace in the entire Middle East. 

During the welcome ceremony in Jordan, responding to King Abdullah II's greeting, the Pontiff underlined the country's “generous welcome to great numbers of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees, as well as to other refugees from troubled areas, particularly neighboring Syria, ravaged by a conflict which has lasted all too long”.

“While acknowledging with deep regret the continuing grave tensions in the Middle East,” he continued, “I thank the authorities of the Kingdom for all that they are doing and I encourage them to persevere in their efforts to seek lasting peace for the entire region. This great goal urgently requires that a peaceful solution be found to the crisis in Syria, as well as a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.

“Finally, I cordially invoke peace and prosperity upon the Kingdom of Jordan and its people”. He concluded: “I pray that my visit will help to advance and strengthen good and cordial relations between Christians and Muslims. And may the Lord God preserve us from the fear of change which Your Majesty referred to”.

The integral text of the Pope's address




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 14, 2019