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​Saritha and the New Delhi buses

She is called Vankadarath Saritha and is 30 years old: the first woman public bus driver in the history of India. After having worked as a chauffeur in the private sector, the young woman has now been taken on by the Delhi Transport Corporation which has entrusted line 543 to her. Her employment has happened at a delicate moment in Indian society life. Many of the numerous episodes of brutal, and often fatal, rapes of girls and women have in fact occurred on public transport. “I hope that my presence” said Saritha, a native of the State of Telangana, where her four sisters live – will imbue with courage the large number of Indian women who travel on buses every day”. The young woman declared smiling that she works to support her family and said “I hope in the end to be able to buy myself a pair of gold earrings”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 6, 2019