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The royal road

· In his audience with the diplomatic corps the Pope calls for negotiated solutions to current conflicts and condemns tragedies related to hunger, abortion, emigration and human trafficking ·

There is no other way: the royal road to peace must be that “of diplomacy and dialogue”. Benedict XV previously affirmed this during World War I in his Letter to Leaders of Peoples at War on 1 August 1917. 

Pope Francis repeated this a hundred years after the horrific event. On Monday, 13 January, the Holy Father received the members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See in the Royal Hall for the traditional greeting in the new year.

In his extensive address, the Holy Father listed the main tragedies disrupting peoples and nations – the framework that Pope Francis outlined ranges from Syria to the entire Middle East, from Africa to Asia, not to mention the “wounds to peace” inflicted by the tragedies of hunger, emigration, the consequences of environmental disasters, and the modern day forms of slavery such as human trafficking. We must follow the clear indications which will finally lead to stable and lasting peace. The model of the family, the Pope said, should inspire the birth of an open community, in which there is a place for everyone, old and young, poor and rich, near and far.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 22, 2019