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Rome with its Bishop

· Parishes prepare for the day of fasting and prayer for Syria ·

“Fr Pietro, let's begin to preparing”. The people of Rome, who have the Pope as their Bishop, listened to his appeal for peace in Syria at the Angelus on Sunday, 1 September. Afterwards they hurried to their parishes to find out more information from their own priests, and to begin organizing their own projects. It's a sign of vitality in the dioceses, and also of the effective presence of the clergy, which was urged by Cardinal Vicar Agostino Vallini in a letter to the faithful asking them to support the Holy Father's initiative in favor of peace. Fr Pietro Bongiovanni, parish priest of San Salvatore in Lauro, located in the heart of the capital, recounted the reaction of his parishioners. “We were a bit surprised, not so much by the Pope's appeal, which we know brings attention to those suffering, but by the reaction of the faithful. They came to ask, to inquire, and I confess that I was taken aback. They insisted: 'Come on Fr Pietro, let's start preparing'. He stressed that it was the very “words of the Pope, and particularly the severe tone of his voice that awakened something in the people”. In all the parishes, from the centre to the outskirts, we are preparing for the day of prayer and fasting, and we are trying to involve the maximum number of people. Initiatives have been organized for those who were not able to be present in St Peter's Square.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 21, 2020