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The rock music of the lay missionary Elisabetta Sbrolla

The debut of the young singer and songwriter Elisabetta Sbrolla took place in Rome. Accompanied by Giovanni Masia (percussion) and Simone Di Cataldi (piano), she presented Impronte, [traces],her first work. This musical project was the fruit of a rich experience: in the utterly new rock passages this 32-year-old sings of her experience as a lay missionary in Uganda, in troubled Karamoja, one of the most tormented places on the black continent, where she went on mission for the first time when she was 21 years old. “I have had the grace to be able to commit myself to saving children and thanks to this concrete commitment I increasingly felt my potential, love in creating, in expressing my energy in the service of life. Goodness”, Sbrolla continued, “lies precisely in detachment from ourselves, in not stopping at difficulties but in fighting and in refusing to accept the negative, passivity and indifference”. Elisabetta Sbrolla has always sung but now, with this recording she has found a special way of making music: “I simply want to bear witness to the unique and new experience which we can all have and which each one of us desires in his or her innermost depths. And this is the experience of finding ourselves, of seeing and respecting the energies of life that we have within us, of rediscovering and giving ourselves true relationships of a high quality”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 28, 2020