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​Restoring voices to forgotten women

At least in the Western countries, today at last there is a very widespread stance on going in search of forgotten women of the past. From The New York Times, which is publishing a series of portraits of figures hitherto ignored by this American daily’s articles (and obituaries), to Italian children’s books (some of which were a resounding success, such as Vite straordinarie [extraordinary lives], Inail 2018),that past so bereft of female names and faces is gradually being repaired.Last July, for example, the series Mnemosine came into being. It was conceived of by the university lecturer and writer Simonetta Ronco and is published by the publishing house Licosia with an advisory committee made up entirely of women. It aims to make known women of the past or of our own day in the most disparate fields, through biographies, autobiographies and essays. The pilot book, written by Ronco and about Giuditta Sidoli, will be launched on 12 December.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 22, 2020