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Respect is stronger than conflict

· The Pope reminds the Eucharistic Youth Movement of the importance of dialogue ·

Pushing refugees out to sea is also a form of war

Forcing people out to sea as they flee from one country to another, seeking to be welcomed – as happened to Rohingya refugees from Myanmar – is a form of war, of violence, of killing, which derives from unresolved conflict. Pope Francis affirmed this on Friday, 8 August, in a meeting with 1,500 members of the Eucharistic Youth Movement. During the audience in the Paul VI Hall, the Pontiff responded impromptu to the questions of six boys and girls from different countries.

The Pope’s words included first and foremost an invitation to confront with a just spirit the tensions and conflicts which manifest in personal and social life. The way is one of respect and dialogue, he said, recalling that in the Middle East Christians and religious minorities are persecuted because they are are not respected in their identity. His other responses were more closely linked to the reality of youth, as Francis exhorted them to, among other things, distinguish true joy – which comes from the Lord – from false and superficial joy, which may at first bring contentment but in the end destroys. He then touched on the need for dialogue among the generations: between parents and children, and also with grandparents, the great forgotten ones of our time. Lastly, the Pontiff underscored the importance of friendship in the life of faith, and of remembering how much Jesus did for mankind.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 25, 2020