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Reliving Papal Visit to UK: ‘Heart speaks unto heart’

“And in the four busy and very beautiful days I spent in this noble land I had the great joy of speaking to the hearts of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom and they spoke to mine, especially with their presence and with the testimony of their faith. Indeed I could see how strong the Christian heritage still is in at social life at every level”. The Holy Father said at the General Audience on 22 September 2010, recalling his Visit to the United Kingdom. This same quote is cited on the back of the new DVD, Heart speaks unto heart .

This 80-minute film celebrates Pope Benedict XVI’s historic first Apostolic Visit to the U.K. in September 2010. It contains footage of all 13 Papal Addresses, including those to Her Majesty the Queen, to the Archbishop of Canterbury and to the representatives of British society. It also includes a commentary by Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster.

Following an overwhelming interest on the official website of the Papal Trip (, the distribution of the DVD began in December 2010. The website hosted the most-watched webcast ever in the U.K., approximately five to eight million people watched the events, either live or later. In fact, the footage can still be viewed on the official site.

On 15 December, Mons. Andrew Summersgill, co-ordinator of the Papal Visit for the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, presented the Holy Father with the official DVD at the Audience in the Paul VI Hall. The Pope congratulated Mons. Summersgill and all those who worked to organize the visit, stating: “From the very first day of my stay in the United Kingdom and throughout my Visit I was met with a warm welcome from the Authorities, from the representatives of the various social realities and of the different religious confessions and, especially, the common people. I am thinking in particular of the faithful of the Catholic community and their Pastors who, in spite of being a minority in the country are widely appreciated, esteemed and committed to the joyous proclamation of Jesus Christ, making the Lord shine out and making themselves his voice, especially among the lowliest. To all I renew the expression of my deep gratitude for the enthusiasm shown and for the praiseworthy diligence with which they strove for the success for my Visit, whose memory I shall always cherish in my heart”.

The DVD is distributed by the Universe Media Group and is on sale in parishes and Catholic bookstores, as well as online at the official Visit website or at and at




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Oct. 17, 2019