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Reject worldliness

· At the Angelus the Pontiff recalls that following Christ is an uncomfortable path ·

Follow Jesus on his “uncomfortable path that is not of success or of passing glory, but one which takes us to the true freedom, freedom from selfishness”. Pope Francis urged this to the faithful at the Angelus on Sunday, 13 September in St Peter's Square. “It is necessary to reject clearly the worldliness that places one’s 'I' and own interests at the centre of existence”.

Commenting on the day's reading, the Pope underlined that Jesus realizes that “in Peter, as in the other disciples — and in each one of us! — the temptation by the Evil One opposes the grace of the Father”. Instead, he noted that “Jesus wants those who follow him to understand that he is a Messiah, a humble servant. He is the obedient Servant to the word and the will of the Father, until the complete sacrifice of his own life. For this reason, turning towards the whole crowd there, He declares that he who wishes to become his disciple must accept being a servant, as He has made himself a servant”. Therefore, “take up your cross — we all have one... — to accompany him on his path, an uncomfortable path that is not of success or of passing glory, but one which takes us to the true freedom”.

Then the Pope asked those in the Square: “do you feel the desire to follow Jesus more closely?”. And to those who were able to give an affirmative answer, he said: “Think. Pray, and allow the Lord to speak to you”.

At the end of the Marian prayer, the Pope recalled that Samuel Benedict Daswa was beatified that day in South Africa. This father and martyr was killed in 1990 for his fidelity to the Gospel.

The Pope's Angelus 




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 7, 2019