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The reforms move forward

· ​At the Angelus the Pope states that stealing documents is a crime and gives thanks for the support for the Church ·

It is “a crime” to steal “the Holy See’s confidential documents”, said clearly at the end of the Angelus on Sunday, 8 November, in St Peter's Square, referring to what he called a “deplorable act”. At the same time, he assured the faithful that this will not deter him “from the reform project” that he and his advisors are carrying out.

The Pope continued that he was aware that many “have been troubled by the news circulating in recent days”, but he said, he “personally had asked for that study to be carried out” and he said, “there have been steps have been taken that have begun to bear fruit, some of them even visible”. Then the Holy Father expressed his thanks for “the support of the whole Church”, because he said, “the Church is renewed with prayer and the daily holiness of each baptized person”.

Next the Pontiff referred to the fifth national convention of the Italian Church, currently underway in Florence, calling it “an important event of communion and reflection”. The Holy Father will participate in the convention on Tuesday, after making a short stop in Prato.

Before the Marian prayer, Francis dedicated his brief reflection to the day's Gospel readings. The Holy Father underlined the meaning of the episode of the widow's offering. The episode, he said, has two parts “one that describes how not to be followers of Christ; the other offers an example of a Christian”. Regarding the first, the Pope highlighted that “even today there is a risk of taking on these attitudes. For example, when prayer is separated from justice, so that God cannot be worshiped and causing harm to the poor. Or when one claims to love God, but instead offers Him only grandiosity for one’s own advantage”.

The Pope's words at the Angelus 




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 25, 2020