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​Radio for single mothers in Morocco

A radio station managed by single mothers has come into being in Morocco. Such women are penalized in the country where pregnancy out of wedlock is still a cultural and religious transgression and single mothers are also persecuted legally: indeed Law 490 of the penal code punishes all extramarital sexual relations with penalties of from one month to one year in prison. Classified as zania (prostitute), unmarried mothers remain alone for the rest of their lives, subject to discrimination even in their work environment. With neither an income nor a home, 36 per cent of these mothers, aged under 25, are forced to abandon their child. Radio Mères en ligne [Mothers Online Radio] – which is part of the project with the same name created by the associations Soleterre and 100% Maman – seeks to be an instrument for the defence of the rights of these mothers, raising the awareness of public opinion about the discriminations of which they are victims and – also through the testimonies of those who have lived this experience – helping women who have been rejected by society. The radio is animated by a committee of ten unmarried mothers, called community representatives, who have been specially trained in subjects related to parity and in communication techniques, production, radio animation and journalism in order to enable them to express their claims in a structured and reasoned way. The recording studio is in Tangiers. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019