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The problem arises when when we close in on ourselves

· Pope Francis looking toward his visit to Sweden ·

On 24 September, in anticipation of his journey to Sweden, Pope Francis was interviewed by Fr Ulf Johnsson, SJ, editor of the journal of Swedish Jesuits, Signumi, as well as a contributing columnist to L’Osservatore Romano

The Pontiff indicated that was looking forward to the visit as an opportunity “to take a step of closeness, of being closer to my brothers and sisters in Sweden”. The interview, which took place at the Casa Santa Marta, touched upon Francis’ personal relationships with Lutherans, and on certain memories, particularly in connection with Anders Ruuth, a Swedish professor of spiritual theology whom the Pope had met in Buenos Aires. Above all, the text emphasizes the importance of ecumanism, with a call to Catholics and Lutherans to “walk together” and to avoid remaining “closed in rigid perspectives” which allow “no possibility of reform”. The Holy Father began his two-day visit to Lund and Malmö on Monday morning, 31 October, and will return to Rome on Tuesday afternoon, 1 November.

The full text of the interview can be read on the website of the Jesuit journal, La Civilta’ Cattolica.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 20, 2019